Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions and Financing

Our firm represent clients in a broad range of real estate transactional and financing matters, including:

Acquisitions and Dispositions
Purchase or sale of commercial, office, industrial, or multi-family properties or raw land are typically specifically negotiated and involve due dilligence, agreements and instruments to be specifically prepared for the transaction.  We have represented both buyers and sellers.

Complex financing
Financing of business properties of significant size generally involve credit agreements and collateral instruments,among other documentation.  We can represent either lenders or borrowers in these transactions.

Condominium, common interest communities, and mixed-use developments.  
The operation of these types of properties can raise a number of compliance and interpretive questions both of the applicable statutes and the governing documents. We can represent owners’ associations or owners in matters involving the association and a particular owner, between owners, or between associations.

Commercial, retail, industrial, and multifamily leasing
Leasing of business properties are typically individually negotiated at least to some extent as the particular needs of both landlord and tenant must be addressed.  We have represented both landlords and tenants both as to the leasing and as to disputes which may arise during the course of the tenancy.

Property Development
Development of commercial or multifamily properties involve a host of documentation and compliance matters.  We can assist in these matters and one of our lawyers has been involved in this process both as real estate lawyer and as a developer of commercial property.

Loan workouts and foreclosures
Due to unanticipated changes in economic conditions or changes in the business of a particular borrower, loan financings may need to be renegotiated or ultimately foreclosed.  We can represent either borrow or lender in these matters.

Construction project management
Construction of a commercial or multifamily property involves both agreements and management and compliance issues.  We can assist in this process including negotiation or preparation of the agreements and assisting with project management matters.