Business and Commercial Civil Litigation

Business and Commercial Civil Litigation

Our firm has the capability of representing clients in civil litigation involving business or commercial law in Nevada state or federal courts as well as in arbitration and mediation proceedings.

Corporate, limited liability companies, and other entity transactional litigation
Any entity with multiple owners or management other than the owner has the potential at some point to have a dispute of some nature. We can represent any of these persons in disputes with the entity or among themselves or the entity itself.

Director and Officer Liability
A particular type of dispute which may occur is between the entity and/or its owners and officers and directors, or in the case of an LLC, its managers.  This is a complex area involving both statutory rules and voluminous case law.

FDIC litigation
A particular manifestation of the director and officer liability litigation is in the situation of a failed financial institution.  Often, the FDIC brings actions against individual officers or directors both as regulator and as the successor to the failed financial institution.  We have represented defendants in several FDIC cases.

Business and contract disputes
Disputes may arise between business for a variety of reasons.  These can involve contract law if the businesses are parties to a contract or tort or other law if they are not. We can represent parties in most types of business or contract disputes.

Real estate development, construction, and financing related litigation
These are complex endeavors in which changing conditions and circumstances
cannot always be foreseen or in which the various parties may view their rights and duties differently.  We can represent any of the players in these types of disputes.

Landlord/tenant matters
A particular type of dispute which can arise in the context of a business lease.  Business leases can be complex agreements as to which parties can differ on interpretation in various contexts. While these are often primarily contractual in nature, there is also an interplay with real estate law which governs a number of issues.


While there are some disputes which need to get a dispute resolution process whether in court or arbitration, often the primary winners in litigation or arbitration are the lawyers. We would typically advise clients to seek a business resolution to avoid the time, expense, business interruption, and uncertainty of litigation and arbitration. We represent parties in negotiation and documentation of settlements whether directly or in a formal mediation process.