Nevada Local Counsel Practice

We recognize that many companies have primary counsel outside of Nevada but from time to time require assistance with Nevada law. Our lawyers have extensive experience in giving Nevada legal advice to primary counsel from other jurisdictions including many of the largest firms in the world. This as an important aspect of our practice and we will scale our engagement to the needs of primary counsel so as to give the necessary Nevada law advice or opinions without duplicating the work of primary counsel. We have the ability to make decisions on accepting new clients quickly, generally on the same day as we receive the referral from another law firm.

Nevada Corporate and other entity legal advice

Many companies including corporations, limited liability companies and other entities are organized in Nevada but are based in other states or other countries so they are represented primarily by counsel in the places where they have their operations. Because of their large firm backgrounds, our lawyers have the capability to understand complex corporate and financing transactions and to render the needed Nevada law advice without unnecessary time or expense.
Transactional and Financing Opinions

Parties to significant mergers and acquisitions, financings, or other transactions involving Nevada entities often require closing opinions regarding matters of Nevada law. Our lawyers have extensive experience in rendering the third party opinions typically required, as well as those required in novel and complex transactions. In addition to the corporate and other entity law opinions we can opine on Nevada UCC security interests and real estate deeds of trust and mortgages.
Real Estate

Since real estate matters are generally governed by local law, we will advise primary counsel on matters involving Nevada real estate. We can either prepare or review the agreements and instruments for conveyances, deeds of trust and related issues, and provide Nevada legal advice on these transactions.

Our extensive experience in Nevada state and federal courts enables us to act as local counsel in any action in the state or federal courts. We gear the scope of our engagement to the needs of primary counsel from accepting filings, to providing Nevada substantive and procedural law advice, to making court appearances, taking depositions, and arguing motions.